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Get 'Bright Sides To Dark Days' at 50% off when you order 'Letter To Fear'

For a limited time you can get TWO EP'S for the low price of just $8.95. But act fast, this special offer will be gone for good soon.

As one reviewer put it “It's like a buzzsaw of guitars and massive riffs. At times reminiscent of classic Thrash Metal while at the same time knocking my teeth in with new age meets old world breakdowns and absolute freakish shredding, but only when appropriate. So refreshing. So Strong”. In short, if you are a fan of legendary bands such as Disturbed, Metallica, Trivium, Tool, Breaking Benjamin and others like them, September Sky is a must have for your playlists.


Thier lyrics and message of Light Piercing Darkness have captured the attention of critics around the world and the bands knack for melodies and unexpected power with harmonies make this album the perfect backdrop for that epic Heavy Metal road trip.


You will receive a digital download of The Double EP Set of Bright Sides To Dark Days and Letter To Fear via email, immediately after placing your order.


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