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Hey it's Scott (singer) here! 


We hope you will really enjoy the music :)


I thought it would be fun to let you know a bit about us since I'm pretty sure you're into Metal and we probably have some things in common!


Larry (Guitar) and I (Singer) formed September Sky together in 2010 after working on multiple other projects including our own acoustic project. While that was fun for the time we both always heard that voice that was leading us back to our roots and to heavier music that could have a massive impact on the world. We have worked with many fantastic musicians to bring you our vision through music and look forward to seeing what the future holds for all of us as we continue this journey of life together.


Most of the band's lyrical content represents what we call “Light Piercing Darkness”. It’s that place where good and evil and light and dark meets inside all of us. Like a September sunrise. beautiful, vivid, dark but light. A renewal of sorts. A name that truly represents the struggle that occurs in life much like it plays out during a seasons change in nature. A season between the light season and the dark season. That indeed is September Sky.


Since we began we have created three epic Empowering Alternative Metal albums


They are right here (Click to view)










If you're like us, you probably have a lot going on, and there are times where you just need to escape right? Stress, and the negative things that might be around us need to be dealt with.... and sometimes it's nice to just feel good for a while and let your mind drift off into another world :) That's exactly why music is so powerful to us.

It's probably why you and I both love empowering metal music: the magical abilities to take us to another world if even for 5 minutes.


P.S. We find email is a great way for us to connect with you so this is one way we will update you with new music, free stuff,  let you know what's happening, and anything that inspires us and hopefully inspire you etc. We are also extremely active on facebook, instagram and twitter and always post unique content and contests over there so if you're feeling it go hit us up there. You can unsubscribe anytime of course, but we hope you'll hang around a bit and become part of the SS family!

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